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1. Why Rebel Anthologies?

We are the ONLY boutique publisher designed to launch your career and prepare for your future success with agents and manager.

2. Why not self publish?

Self publishing is a lonely place in an overcrowded market. It also costs upwards of $4000.00. There is power in numbers. By celebrating different writers we increase your readership, make industry connections and get the attention of press and book store owners. 


3. Won't the book get lost in the marketplace?

Absolutely not. We have an in-house design team tasked to make our books stand out with original cover design, color pages and stylized content. 

4. What do you mean by branding?

People buy YOU before they buy your book. We want your audience to know you. Each writer is assigned an Author Manager who will work with our design team to create a hip and modern look.

5. What is the YOUTUBE channel?

Every Anthology we release is linked to our YouTube station. Each author will be interviewed and that will be posted and show up on the search engines.

6.  What about the Susan Brender Show?

We are very exited to announce an addition to our package. Susan Brender  has agreed to interview our poets for her Podcast and post them on all her social media platforms.

7. What about the workshops?

We offer THREE workshops. The Language of Contracts, Promotions with Purpose and Preparing for live reading and interviews.

8. How much do the workshops cost?

FREE. The Workshops are included in our white glove package, except for the Language of Contract workshop which has a $35.00 fee.

9. What if I'm not sure?

Rebel Anthologies believe that you should be part of the contract process and we want you to be happy.

Once you submit your work you will be invited to our Workshop the Language of Contracts. If you decided to move on you will be invited to the Anthology experience and we will sign a contract and complete payment.

10. How many pages do I get?

Each writer will be assigned up to 20 pages to showcase themselves and their work.

11. What if I can't fill the pages?

If you fill one or ten the cost will be the same. But remember the reader is buying YOU and this is your legacy. That means we want to include pictures and family recipes, and whatever else you feel the public should know.


12. How do I submit?

Please read our submission guidelines.

13. What about book launches?

Because of our personal contacts with Bookstore owners in Manhattan, New York City we organize book launch parties complete with wine and cheese!

14. How long is the process from submission to completion?

The process takes about 2 months after acceptance.

15. Do you published eBooks as well as paperback?

Yes. Rebel Anthologies will publish an interactive online 

ebook as well as a paperback.

16. How much are the books?

The ebook will be priced at $9.99. The paperback book with the artist's discount is around $15.00 including shipping.

17. How many do I have to buy?

That's your choice. You can buy one or one hundred. The rate stays the same.

18. Can I go out and promote my book?

It's your book. Go for it!

19. How much?

We at Rebel Anthologies do not up sell Our white glove anthology experience  is $560.00 Period. End of Story. Thousands less then publishing on your own.

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